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Introducing Coaches Co-op

We are a professional cooperative that allows coaches to give and receive coaching time.

What Coaches Co-op offers:

  • A supportive network
  • A place to exchange coaching services
  • An opportunity to experience different styles of coaching
  • A chance to grow your skills
  • A marketplace to offer workshops and consulting

We all know that when we are coached we benefit and our clients benefit. Our practice improves when we confront and deal with habits that stop us. In this business, on-going personal and professional growth are a must. Coaches Co-op is an opportunity to interact with others and fulfill your dreams for yourself and your business.

How does Coaches Co-op work?

When you join Coaches Co-op you will have the options of joining the social network only or joining as a Co-op Coach.  Co-op Coaches “deposit” a number of hours of coaching time into the Co-op bank, these are referred to as "coaching credits."  

You then explore the other coaches in the network and choose one for coaching. Others will be doing the same. At the beginning of the month, you will receive a statement of the coaching credits you have used and what you have in the bank.  

Some very good reasons to join Coaches-Co-op:

  • Get great coaching without spending precious start up capital
  • If your business is established, you can use the cash you are not spending on coaching to increase your profit margin
  • Become a better coach by experiencing different styles of coaching
  • Advertise your workshops or special programs throughout our network
  • Learn about other coaches and their special programs
  • You will have the privilege of coaching another coach
  • Become a more developed coach and leader
  • Be part of a coaches-only community
  • Experience coaching from coaches that are creating extraordinary results

Sound good?

To become a Co-op Coach you need to:

  • Be a working coach
  • Have training or experience equal to that of a trained coach
  • Be part of the Coaches Co-op social network
  • Commit for 12 months
  • Pay a monthly fee of $65 to the Coaches Co-op
  • Agree to deposit 4 hours of coaching time monthly. (coaching credits)
  • Register online with Coaches Co-op to be a part of this unique community. To get a coach and become a Co-op Coach, please send an email to

Coaches Co-op is a subsidiary of Coeur Consulting, PLLC.


Coaches Spotlight


Barb McAllister
I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF),  and trained ontologically.  That means when I work with my clients, I am looking not only at WHAT they are doing but also WHO they are BEING (e.g., open, transparent, authentic, “straight”) while they are DOING. The bottom line for me is that people can DO all they want, but if their BEING is off, they won’t get great results!  My passion is working with managers and leaders in public service (government), women in transition (empty nest, retirement, divorce, creating a new career); and coaches who want to get certified by the International Coach Federation.  I enjoy coaching individuals, as well as groups and teams, to create breakthrough results.
I graduated from Accomplishment Coaching Coaches Training Program in February, 2006.   Before this, I was a senior manager at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in Washington, DC;   Boston, Massachusetts; and Seattle, Washington.  My government career spanned 26 years.   I loved supporting the people that worked for me to move forward with joy, speed and power, and I bring that same passion to my work today.
After I retired from EPA, I started my own business, which now has a mix of coaching, consulting, and facilitating.   I enjoy offering a variety of services to my clients; I bring to bear what they need.    What I can see about myself today, is that my coaching is much more powerful after attending a year-long, rigorous ontological training program;  from being coached myself weekly for over five years; and from being evaluated and certified by the International Coach Federation.   Coaching is my most powerful offering to my clients.   That’s because as a coach, I rely on my client’s brilliance to solve their own problems, rather than my advice.   As coach my job is support, accountability and believing in possibility; my most powerful tools are active listening, powerful questioning, curiosity, and saying what I see.
Another one of my passions is supporting others in creating a thriving practice.   I believe my practice is thriving because it reflects me and my many interests, such as coaching, consulting and facilitating; and it builds on my career as a government senior manager, and all I learned there.   My clients come largely through referrals—from people I worked with over the years; from past clients; and from family and friends.   It’s all about relationship for me:  whether it’s co-creating a relationship with a current client; or nurturing relationships from my life which yield new clients.   I think of myself as a gardener.  I nurture relationships as a gardener nurtures her seeds and seedlings.   And like a gardener, I rejoice when a new flower (client) pops up amongst the many seeds of possibility I have planted.   One thing I like best is I never know which seeds will sprout, so I nurture all my seeds (relationships) and trust that whichever ones sprout and become clients will be perfect.



Latest blog posts

Living Leadership by John Wood

September 10, 2010 by Kristi Gotzian   Comments (0)


This is how it is when I am my best.

I do not lead. Leading happens through me. I am part of a process that has a beginning and an end, but I do not know exactly when, or where, that process begins and ends.

It is a small world I am in and I am in it with you. Something happens between us and it moves me. If it moves you too we have had some success.

That world is our relationship and our connection in that world, when something moves us or we learn something, we can call it leadership 

It is very important to be loose and receptive. Only when we are loose and receptive can we receive what it is that has to pass through us both, only then can we truly be a part of a larger process.

If we are not accepting of this spark that happens between us, we are only repeating a way we have always related, a way that is governed by our history, our egos and our habits.

When we are open to the life that is in both of us, life will tell us where to go. We must listen, honor what is happening in the seconds between us and confess who we are.

We must ask ourselves: does a lie exist?  Does a pretense exist? Does something hidden exist; exist in the way that is known to both of us and alive in the relationship? Perhaps only the truth exists, waiting to be shown to you and me.

Let us then engage in a search for what is real between us and trust that the truth will lead us to something new, something that will change us forever.

John Wood 



Upcoming Events

As a member of the Coaches Co-op we invite you to send us information on your upcoming workshops and events.  We will post them here.  If your professional group or organization has an event that other coaches could benefit from we'll post that too.  Email with the information.